Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Cast of Characters

My dream is to get the whole Gang involved in this little blog project so I thought I'd introduce the Cast of Characters to you.

May I present....

The Mamajama. Matriarch, Enabler. The Mamajama is the driving force behind GlassNeedleArts. It is her dream to have a shop and share her obsessions (and nuttiness) with the world! The Mamajama's current obsessions are: Knitting, quilting, tatting, just about anything that gives her an excuse to go to a craft store.

Poppy. Patriarch, Driver. Poppy begrudgingly humors our crafting madness and is ever so kind to drive the Mamajama on said craft store adventures. Oh yeah, and he makes the most fabulous stained glass creations you could ever imagine.

Claire. Crocheter, Mensa Brat. Claire is the hipster in the group, keeping tabs on the fashion trends and what the cool kids are doing. And yes, she really is a member of Mensa. Brat.

The Russians. We may on occasion make reference to "The Russians". You see, we are not a normal family. The Bro, his wife and the neices now live in Russia. I could tell you why they are there but then I'd have to kill you. Loose lips sink ships.

LeeLuu. Pug Monster, Direction Eater. Ah, the joys of the pug. LeeLuu loves to help with crafty adventures by getting her curly tail tangled in the yarn you're working, or eating directions, laying on your freshly washed fabric, or getting scrapbook paper stuck to her feets. She's very helpful. Bonus points if you can tell me where her name comes from!

Amy. Action Plan Girl, Tinkerer. Yup this is me. I do a little bit of everything. From knitting to origami.

Now, on with the show!!

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