Monday, December 3, 2007


I'm done! The Jitterbug socks are done and feel so good on my feets! And yes, I am ignoring the aforementioned mistake.


themamajama said...

Well done!

So what’s next? Folding fabric squares?

We should explain that we are cooperating to make two different quilts. The first one has origami fabric flowers. As an accomplished folder, Amy was assigned the folding and I’m going to put it together. The pattern calls for 125 flowers and we hope not to duplicate a fabric. Since we don’t share well, we added to the silliness by deciding to make two! I estimate about a third of the required 250 fabric squares are creased so we have a way to go before Claire is asked to use her keen sense of color to put them in order.

The other quilt is a copy of something Amy saw in a catalogue. It was made from hundreds of fabric yo-yos. If anyone is a Project Runway fan, you might remember Angela from the third season was obsessed with them. Since they are very easy to make, I foolishly volunteered to make it. Clover conveniently came out with a form that speeds up the process. The hard part is finding prints that are only red and white. I open up the assembly line when I can draft some help, like waiting for the turkey on Thanksgiving. The one in the catalogue is afghan size with 300 yo-yos but Amy wants to put it on her bed. I haven’t figured out how many that will take so I just keep chugging along. It obviously won’t be finished for this Christmas.

I admit these would be further along if I didn’t get sidetracked. And yes, Claire, I promise you’ll get a pillow first.

hugs, THE Mamajama

themamajama said...

...did you chart YATTA? (another nudge from the mother)