Friday, December 28, 2007

The Stash After

The Stash After
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Ah yes... the joy of an organized stash!

With LOTS of help from the sister, we managed to tame the wild beast that was the laundry basket of half finished squares, tangled yarn and random books and hooks that was my craft basket before. as you can see, it's all laid out nice and organized now, and all with photos in Ravelry... woo! And let me just say - the discovery of the center pull ball is FABULOUS. I think the majority of the stash has been re-balled just so we could practice it :)

Man, I don't know where I got most of it - besides "borrowing" it from mom's stash... I guess all those giveaways from Stitch and Pitch and random fairs added up.

Now I'm working on finishing scarf #2 to match the hats, and a pair of fingerless gloves in the beautiful silk/merino that I got on on Purl Adventure earlier. I made a really pretty skinny scarf with it before, but skinny/pretty does not equal warm/functional. Might have to see if I will have enough yarn after the gloves to make a thicker,, more functional scarf. Perhaps a muff/neck warmer thing. Hmmm....

Other than that, just chillin', waiting for Amy and the BF... i have had all week off, and don't have to go back untill the second, so I'm enjoying the sitting around the house and watching marathons on discovery channel. Can't wait for the Mamajama and the Poppy to come home so we can see all the pictures and hear all the stories!

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themamajama said...

I hope you are reballing my stash as a surprsie for when I get home.