Sunday, December 30, 2007

PLease don't let go of my hand

We got up too late to make church at the embassy this morning. There was probably another mass at the rectory but Mike and Lisa aren’t sure where it is. We won’t go any where by ourselves. We were on a train the other day and didn’t understand it was being taken out of service until we were the only ones left. Lisa’s didn’t understand the announcement – so we wouldn’t have a chance.

Mike was even confused today. We decided to go downtown and had to transfer two times. There are two blue lines and we picked the wrong shade. Not that big a problem - just had a LONG walk. It was interesting – along a street just for pedestrians with lots of artists, stalls and souvenir shops – most a repeat of yesterday. Lots of signs in English – knew the prices would probably be high. Didn’t dawdle – just passed the Starbucks – we were headed for Hard Rock and the girls were hungry! Luckily it wasn’t crowded so we got a table right away. Looks like this is the place to bring the kids – everyone takes off their boots and start running around. No one objected about the noise and the wait staff just waltzed through them. Food was the usual menu – great when you are homesick for some fries and onion rings.

Found our way home without any problems except my hat is TOO hot! It might be 30’F but I don’t feel cold. I was sweating until I stopped wearing socks in my UGGS and now I’m the only one holding my hat and gloves on the train!

We gave the girls their New Years’ presents – masks. Looks like kids here dress up in costumes so we got them a kitten and a puppy mask. Chaos broke out, of course, as they chased each other around the house on all fours. No one would hold still for a photo – so I’ll try again tomorrow. They were very tired and didn’t object to going to bed. They are very confused. The Russian Santa comes on New Years and Orthodox Christmas is Jan 6 – I’m having trouble keeping it all straight.

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