Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Chaos

It’s everything I thought it would be – soooo much fun! The dgds went straight for the Barbie Dream House – took a long time before they noticed there were other presents. They HAD to open up EVERYTHING – especially all the little pieces and play before opening the next present. Barbies had to change clothes several times and so did they. Santa brought lots of dress up stuff that they had to model – with appropriate tights, shoes and jewels! Then Teresa decided underwear was the most comfortable uniform for opening presents. Sophia had to try on some of the “real” clothes her received but Teresa would peek in a present after the first tear of the wrapping paper and then put it aside if it was clothes. It’s 3 PM and she still hasn’t finished opening them!

It’s hard to tell what is the biggest hit after the house – everything has attracted them except the stuff to play in the snow – there’s only a inch or snow on the ground – and most of that is dirty and/or yellow. We even had to read the books. PHEW! No time to eat – luckily there are cookies to grab when you are running from one toy to another.

I didn’t remember how much trash toys generate. It looks like each box produce 3 times its size in stuff that has to be thrown away. My job this evening is to check that none of the gazillion small pieces got misdirected.

Have to go start dinner. Mike is watching the Jungle Book with the girls, Lisa is making fudge and Grandpa is taking nap. I hope to get to bed early bit with so any books and DVDs, it might not be possible.

Hope you all have a similar joyous day - Merry Christmas!

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