Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nana Challenge Update

Things are almost on schedule. I put on one neck binding this morning before work. This stuff does not like to behave for stitching by hand. So – “only” need to finish the French seams, put in the sleeves and hem. Then it’s experimenting for the wings. Almost forgot possible gowns for the Biddies, sigh – but I still should make it.

Mitten production is another story. Only 6 rows to finish my second one. Don’t know if I stopped last night because I was tired or that I don’t like how it turned out – probably a combination. There is a noticeable difference in carrying the color in opposite hands, but I keep telling myself my hands aren’t next to each other often for anyone to notice. I’ll probably keep the ends visible so I can frog it later. It will do for now – need them for Sunday.

And we are well aware of the weather reports for Sunday, so we’re no encouraging any updates.


AN said...

it will be perfect mom!

themamajama said... remains to be seen.

It's Thursday morning - 3 more wake ups (glup!)
French seams finished and sleeve hems done!
Remaining tasks:
1)Put in bias tape at wrists for elastic
2) Set in sleeves
3) hem
4) make wings
5) robes for Biddies (maybe)

My mittens are done - will write about THAT some other time - no time to frog (sigh!)

I'm taking off tomorrow to pack - need time to think.