Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sharp Socks?

So I got the first footie bootie from "One Skein" done and boy are the toes pointed! you could like do neurosurgery with them! Seriously, you could poke your eye out with them. Sis can tell you I have issues with pointy things on the feets. And the cuff is a bit looser than I'd like. They do look ok on the feets tho, so i'm not totally discouraged, I am however happy I did not make them out of my pretty yarn.


themamajama said...

I would like to see an image of this bootie.

Claire said...

Tell LeeLuu to watch out for the pointy toes - I mean, she's got the bulgy pug eyes and that can be a bad combination with the pointy toes

AN said...

I'll post a picture over the weekend.