Sunday, December 23, 2007

The elves are at wotk

Lots of things going on and I should get some sleep but tomorrow will be busier so I tought I would send an update before I forget stuff.
We went out last night to see a Russian folkdance group. We had dinner in the Starlight Diner! It's all chrome and neon lights - counter stools, booths, open 24 hours and everyone spoke English. We had burgers and shakes - decent but a cheeseburger was 325 ru - at a 4:1 exchange rate, I'm not doing the math.
The show was in the Tschikovsky theater. The program wasn't strictly Russian dances but from all over. The dancers were great and I'm glad the girls didn't go - they would have me sewing for years. The show ended after 9 and that was a problem. The shuttle from the metro station to the complex ended at 9 - (the metro doesn't run 24 hours!) We weren't up to the hike (about a 10 minute drive) - so Mike got an embassey car (don't see many taxis) and got his car to meet us at the Metro station. It snowed while we were in the theater and got much colder. It was real icy - no one puts down salt so walking is a challenge. Another thing I noticed - things like steps aren't marked - so you have to watch where you're walking.
We were up early Sunday morning for mass at the embassey. We made it but that was only the beginning of the fun. Mike took the girls swimming while Lisa and I shopped in the commissary. Picked up stuff for Christmas dinner and then we all had lunch in the cafeteria. They serve Starbuck coffee and pizza - all the comforts of home! We didn't get to see much - we couldn't walk around without an escort. Then it was pile back in the car - I haven't explained that Mike has a small, 2 door, 4x4 - so that meant Lisa got to sit "in the back" while I shared the back seat with the girls. Some one has to help me get out - my body doesn't do origami well. Lucky there isn't any seat belt or car seat laws - it's going to be hard on them when they come back.
We left Grandpa to babysit and went to a grocery store. Kind of typical - nothing spectacular but I wish I had brought the dictionary. I think we're ready for the feast now. We decided to do some baking after dinner. I had made sour cream patry dough so it was time to teach the girls how to use a rolling pin. They did a great job and we made a batch of chocolate chips after they went to bed. It's always an adventure cooking in another kitchen but this was a particular challenge trying to figure out to work the oven while converting Fahrenhite to Celcius - don't think we got it right - it took almost 3 times as long to get the cookies to brown. Everything tastes good - that's what matters. I think Lisa is getting an oven thermometer when I get home.
Tomorrow will be hectic - have to finish the angel alterations and hope to get in more cookie baking - the pageant is at 5 so we should leave around 4 since it will be rush hour traffic. The girls were so wound up tonight that I can't imagine what it will like tomorrow.
Mike and Lisa are finishing up the wrapping - I'm going to bed.

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