Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Holidays in NY

I'm so excited to read the Adventures in Russia! Nothing quite as exciting going on here but a brief update nonetheless.

Claire and I and the boyfriend have had a lovely and laid back time. There was much arguing about when to open presents. We concluded that even tho Norad reported Santa was in NYC, we could not open presents till the morning. There were some grumpy faces over that but I will not mention who. Claire and the boyfriend are at his parents and I'm off to see the Tree in a bit. LeeLuu is curled up with her Christmas Octopus since there is no food around at the moment. I have to head back up state tomorrow but I'll be back for the weekend.

Claire crocheted hats for gifts and I got roped into knitting a matching scarf. Its almost done, I'll proabably finish tonight. Other than that (and present wrapping madness) nothing crafty to report.

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