Saturday, December 8, 2007

Nana Challenge

Nana Challenge
Nana Challenge,
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These are the raw ingredients for the latest Nana Challenge. A request has been made for proper angel attire for the dgds to wear in the Christmas pageant. I have been an Angel Wing Commander for years, so I foolishly thought this would be easy. First, all the angel patterns were sold out and there wasn’t enough white satin for 2 robes. I thought nightgowns might be suitable substitutes and planned my attack. But my cold made other plans on how I was going to spend this Saturday. I won’t trust myself to handle sharp implements until the meds gain the upper hand. This wouldn’t be a problem if I had the usual deadline of Christmas Eve, but they have to be complete and in my suitcase next Sunday. Looks like I’m going to have an interesting week.


themamajama said...

They are cut out! It's cookie baking marathon day so no time to sew.
Can we sew this? YES, SHE CAN!!!

Claire said...


But at least it was successful! But man, cookies are HEAVY! And let me tell you, trying to nonchalantly sit on the subway when the delicious aroma of cookies is wafting from your tote bag and everyone is sniffing at you to see what you have is quite a challenge :)

On to more fiber based projects!

themamajama said...

I hope ther will be some crumbs left for your sister.

Claire said...

I shall make more for my sister so they wont be all stale and icky...

so there, ha!

themamajama said...

Second Challenge Day
Yukky fabric - but there isn't any alternative - no prewashing or unnecessary ironing and lots of seam finishing. Fronts and backs together - not my best but they're not an entry for the Sewing Hall of Fame. Next step is french seams on the sides but meds are making me too wooshy to risk trimming the allowances. Six days to take off - still think I'll make it!

AN said...

cookies? what about cookies???