Saturday, December 1, 2007

It has begun!

On a dark and stormy night (ok, it was really mid afternoon and it was actually pretty sunny) my Sister and I received a package.... of... knitting lessons.

And the world ceased to exist as we knew it.

You see, my mom, known affectionately as The Mamajama, went on a rampage declaring that traditional crafts like knitting and tatting were dying out and that she was duty bound by her ancestral heritage of nutty women to bestow onto her daughters the fine art of making things for yourself.

Every generation of my family has had an artist of some kind. Nana painted china. Grandpa work wood. Dad fashions stained glass. Mom does almost anything with a needle (get it, "glass" and "needle"!?) If my ancestors wanted a pretty dress to be married in, they made it. If they needed socks to warm their feets, they knitted.

And so began our adventure into Quirky Art. In these pages, you will find the crafting and creating adventures of the Glass Needle Artists.




themamajama said...

Thank you for the introduction, Amy. I think I should clarify some things. I only answer to The Mamajama on line – Rena is the name my mother shared with me. I inherited many things from the original Rena, especially the dream of having a shop. The original thought was to pass on some of our crafts but I suspect it was just a way to support our habits.

We did the craft show circuit but I wanted something permanent, so I opened Glassneedle. The shop included all the various things made by different members of the family – an eclectic mix of needlework, woodwork, stained glass and china painting. I learned the hard way I couldn’t handle the business details, man the shop, provide the stock, teach the crafts and take care of the family by myself own. The shop closed but the dream was passed on to the DDs.

I believe the best Christmas presents help make a dream a reality. I listened to my DD and FIL rave about some stained glass so I gave them lessons to learn how to make their own. When the DDs wanted to learn how to knit but wouldn’t listen, I thought someone else might hold their attention better. When I catch them raiding my stash now, I sometimes regret that idea.

I haven’t decided if sharing my personal observations in a blog is something I really want, but I’ll try. I think I need to stick around if only to defend myself.

Amy said...

Mommy! We would *never* raid your stash!!

themamajama said...

Ae you lying?

Anonymous said...

I totally admit to raiding your stash - I mean it's probably what got me started... since you wouldn't make me something out of your yarn and said I could only have it if I made it myself!

Amy said...

Rena! Did you raise your children to lie???? Exaggerate WILDLY perhaps... perphas we have "sampled" your stash... or you could say we put it on a diet for you! We're helping, really, we're helping!

themamajama said...

So if you’re “helping” my house to loose weight, how come there are still boxes of your stuff here?

Love, me