Sunday, March 30, 2008

Must Have progress

I noticed something weird in the Irish Moss pattern as I was knitting the fronts. Checked each row and found a booboo. Lukily I only had to frog that section and it knitted back easily.
Must Have booboo
My needles have been chugging away. It's going easily as I finally learned how the various patterns flow. I finished the fronts late Friday - only 8 days since I started.
Must Have fronts
I'm still thinking about how the cables look at the front edges. I'm going to reserve judgement until the buttuon band is picked up.
I asked for suggestions on how to handle mirroring the cables on the sleeves on Ravelry, but no one responded yet. I'm trying not to get distracted so cast on the sleeves and started knitting. I did flipped Pattern B, but I'm not sure it's necessary.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I've gone medieval

Spun Apricot
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Don't ask me why I do these things but I have convinced myself that I need to learn how to spin. As in spinning wheel... As in Cinderella pricked her finger on the spindle and then lived happily ever after.

I got some apricot colored roving, and I have to say, its not a bad first attempt. It's very slubby (there are thick poofy bits) but that's not really terrible now is it? I bought 4 ounces of roving and I've spun and plyed half of it. I still have to wash it to set the twist and then I think I'm making socks!

Must Have Back

sweaterMust Have Back
Must Have Back,
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I was almost done this morning, (needing to rest to wait for the meds to kick in has some advantages!) I rushed home from work to pick up my needles. Glad I waited - noticed the cables would end at an ackward place - added 2 more rows and bound off. Took off my suit jacket and compared sizes - looking good! So there is a good chance this might really fit!

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Nowacoski Easter Basket

We started a yummy new tradition for Easter!
Bacon cups
Luckily, the Bunny is a vegetarian and won't be tempted by the bacon.
We filled them with scrambled eggs during the test run and then mashed potatoes for the family feast.

(Edit from Claire - for more family pictures and the insanity of the food-inside-containers-that-are-other-foods check out : )

2008 Sweater KAL

I am making the Must Have Cardigan for a sweater KAL on Ravelry. But as the Yarn Harlot mentioned it on her blog, the pattern was scarce - so I resorted to Ebay for a copy. Our first task in the KAL was to assemble all the supplies:
Sweater KAL Supplies
This isn't complete as I was still stair restricted, so I couldn't include my Space Board and steam generator.
This is proof that I actually followed directions and made a swatch:
Sweater KAL guage
I decided not to keep to the stated guage. The pattern didn't have a large enough size for this fluffy body and I wasn't in the mood to grade it. I did the math and it should fit. I'm prepared to make the decision to frog or gift if it doesn't.
The Yarn Harlot mentioned she mirrored the cables when she made it, but wasn't specific if she did all of them. It was hard to tell by her pictures and the pattern doesn't have a picture of the back so I had to knit a complete pattern to see what would bother me. I decided to only mirror the large diamonds. The other cables are small and far apart and I frankly wasn't in the mood to figure it out. I also didn't want to keep track of more patterns.
I didn't get as much knitting done this weekend as I hoped. Amy was here and I took her on a yarn crawl. It was very hard to control myself with all the luscious stuff I saw, but I took noted for once this sweater is done.
When I could knit, LeeLuu shared her expert advice.
LeeLuu helps
My next goal is to finish the back and compare it to something that is comfortable.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hemlock Monster

I gave up guilt for Lent and have been trying to get to all those little things that nag me when I'm trying to get to sleep. These things usually are something I volunteered to do - sigh. I came across this cool pattern on Ravelry Hemlock Ring Blanket by Jared Flood. I immediately thought it would be great for my donation to Rotary's Gift of Life Gala.
I picked up some yarn at Knit Work/Weave Works conventiently located right near the doctor so I didn't have to stretch the restrictions I'm under since my hospital stint.
It was fun to knit and went very quickly. I was done in a week! BUT I should haved been leary that the yarn was on deep discount. I foolishly thought "soft spun" on the label meant something different than not twisted tightly. Harrisville Flax & Wool Blend isn't snuggly and it breaks when tugged so I couldn't close up the ladders. When the number of stitches became too much, a second needle was needed to complete the rounds. I couldn't get a good idea on how it was going until I was casting off - too late!

hemlock monster

I know lace doesn't look it's best until it's blocked but this is ridiculous. It does have some potential but I have to be patient about staking it out as my spaced board and steam generator are in the basement and I set of the heart monitor when I try to do the stairs. Luckily, the Gala is in June so I have a little time but I can't clear that self imposed obligation off my list of "things to do" - drat.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Punk Shrug Skull

Punk Shrug Skull
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Baby Sister wants to trade knitting for crocheting (she's a "hooker", one day she'll join the knitting flock, cause knitting is just so much cooler). So she wanted a "punk rock" shrug. She found a shrug with skulls on the arms. I might do one on the back of the neck too. We'll see. It should be a fairly easy knit. That is if LeeLuu stops stealing the yarn.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sock Knitters Pentathlon - Sock 1 DONE

I'm DONE! I finished the first sock in the Sock Knitters Pentathlon. It was an OK pattern. I think the pattern would have shown up nicer if I picked a more solid yarn color. I like them, and the feel sooo good on my feets! Hopefully, they won't felt as much as my other hand knit socks (Not that I really mind the felting, but still). I learned a bunch of new things doing these socks: It was my first pair of Toe-Up socks. I used the Magic Loop Cast on. AND I DID TWO SOCKS AT THE SAME TIME! I gots mad skilz.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Decision Time

Some one finished the first pair in the Sock Pentahlon in 9 hours! I'm chugging away and after 30 hours since it started, I'm on row 9 of the 5th pattern repeat of the first sock. I'm still sticking with my goal of finishing before the next challenge is published.

I'm loving toe-up! It wasn't that hard once I started to concentrate and READ the instructions instead of thinking I knew "better". My sock fits well and is very comfy.

BUT - I'm not sure about my yarn choice. I ordered it from an Etsy shop - Enchanted Knoll Farm - a superwash merino with some nylon in a blue/green colorway they call "Lady of The Lake". I liked it so much the I ordered 2 more colors right away to be ready for the Penthalon.
It is beautiful but next time I will pay more attention to the suggestions. The pattern kind of hides in the color varigation. I'm willing to start over but my stash is bare. It's Sunday and I'm not willing to trade the local Ravelry meet-up for yarn store stop - the choice I probably have from Ron. I could over to the JoAnn's in the same shopping center as the Paneras where we meet - but since the possibility of finding something to compare to this luscious hand dye is nil, I guess my decision has been made.

Speaking of hand dyes - the mailman brought something I forgot I ordered - the sock club from Brooklyn Handspun. It's a bright varigated called Smooch - shades of red and pink. hmmm - not exctly ME. That's OK - it can make friends in the stash while I finish up the 3 other pairs OTN.

So this is probably the time I need to review my priority list. I not only have the Pentahalon and the Brooklyn sock club but I'm waiting for the start of the Tsock Tsarina's group. I also want to join Chamois sweater KAL on Ravelry - and I promised baby stuff in another group along with something for the troops. I won't include the sewing stuf I have lined up (I'll get to your pillows, Claire).Yup, that was the voice of Great Aunt Etta from The Great Beyond reminding me that I have "eyes bigger than your stomach".

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Let the Games Begin!

I accepted Amy's challenge to participate in the Socks Pentathalon.
I know there were anxious knitters all over the world in the starting blocks ready to sprint to the finish, but I slept through the opening ceremonies at midnight. I printed out the pattern when I woke up at 3:30AM. Ran out in the sleet to get needles I left in the car but couldn't find them - DRAT! NO problem - just put an unfinshed sock on dpns and "borrowed" that circ. (#0)
Of course, I had to start but was thrown by the suggested start. Watched a video of Magic Cast On - tried it twice but I was obviously doing something wrong as I got a purl ridge across the toe. So not only did I "borrow" it's needle, I also used the toe instructions from the temporarily abandoned sock ( toe up, provisional cast on, short row toe - Early Spring Sock Pattern in Panda Cotton by Janice Kang - something I won in a swap on Ravelry)
Looks good - so of course I'm knitting instead of sleeping. Heard from Amy at 7:30 so I know her needles are smoking. I don't hope to beat her - I will consider myself a winner if I get this pair done before the next pattern comes out.
It's 8:20 AM now - I'm a slow typist.
I finshed row 9 of the patten - I'm going to try to get to sleep.