Thursday, December 6, 2007

Neccessity over Kindness

OK, OK, still no major progress on the blankie-making front... I'm lazy and forgetful as I was supposed to bring it with me today to work on it on the subway - but I forgot it.

My defense is that last night was a weird one... managed to burn myself on steam coming off the pork chops pretty bad - nothing like the setting-myself-on-fire incident of last year, but it's pretty ouchie still... and then I hear this weird "BOOOOOOP" coming out of some piece of electronics in my living room. Turns out it was the carbon monoxide detector - not cool man. I throw open all the windows, and start poking at it... because it wasn't going of like an alarm, but rather like the battery was dying which is weird because the dang thing is plugged into the wall... but we poked at it some more, took the back up battery out, out it in again, pressed some buttons and it stops going off. So i don't think I'm going to die, well, not right now from that anyways...

That that's my excuse - injuries and near death experiences. That should be good enough to get me out of a nights crocheting, right?

But at the laundry mat tonight, am I going to be working on the squares for the lovely throw for one of my best friends? No... and why? Because it's freaking cold man. Like below freezing. My cute little hat that I made like 3 weeks ago, while adorable, is not very good at keeping the ears warm... so you know what I'm gonna do about it?


Yes, I am SO going there. So much so, I want to get polar fleece or flannel to line the inside of the flaps so I can keep the delicate ears all warm and toasty. Because yes, I am a delicate little flower. And standing on the elevated outdoor Queens subway platform in 15 degree wind chill is just not fun


Amy said...

I lof your ear flaps

themamajama said...

This might be the first thing you put on my head that I might actually like! (hint)

Amy said...

Mom, you know you want the sexy turkey hat