Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just call me Finnegan

I’m having serious doubts about this lace KAL. I was up to row 43 when a few stitches got tangled. I wonder if other people have trouble with stitches crossing over that sometime defy straightening out. During dinner, I pondered whether all this effort was really worth it. I read some Ravelry messages about not giving up so I took a look at how it was turning out. I stretched it out and HATED IT – I heard my mind saying my standard remark for crummy stuff, “Someone actually used their precious time on THIS!”

So I cut it loose and dug around in my Bayeaux Tapestry bag – the protector for my needle stash and pulled out a short old, no name circular size 2. I decided to give SOSII one more try, and I’m up to row 17 on this my 7th attempt.

So my lessons learned so far include:
Not to overestimate my abilities and use the thinnest yarn in the world
Even the most complicated pattern gets easier after a few tries.
I’m not fast enough to catch a straight metal needle while it is falling out of the stitches.
The price tag of a pair of needle is not an indicator of their value to a project.
The famous name of a needle isn’t a guarantee that my knitting will go smoothly.
Ravelry is a boundless source of help and consolation.
A lifeline can live up to its name.

I will judge tonight if I will deem it worthy of further expenditure of time and effort. Using a boring brown yarn might be my best decision about his project. I won’t be tempted to give it away and no one will want to “borrow” it. After all of this, it is truly MINE.

Just call me Finnegan, Begin again

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AN said...

Mommy, you're so cute! I can't wait to see your progress!