Monday, January 21, 2008

Blue Snowflake Sock

Blue Snowflake Sock
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I saw this pattern on Ravelry (of course, what on earth did we do before that site??) and instantly fell in love with it... Only problem was the pattern was only avaliable in an old issue of Interweave Knits. NOOOOOO Oh the Humanity! Not a free downloadable pattern! Woe is me!

I lamented!
I cried!
I beat my breast!

OK I'm a drama queen.

I mentioned to Mom that I LOVED this pattern and in her email back to me, she told me it would be in the mail.

What would we do without good mommies???

Once it arrived, I was out the door to Michael's to buy yarn.

>Insert Happy Crafting Dance here<

But sadly, this is where our tale turns into a Greek tragedy. Why oh why does Michael's suck? OK. Fine, They don't suck. They carry the basics. The generics. The oatmeal of the fiber world. But alas, I did not want the oatmeal! I wanted Eggs Benedict! I wanted the fancy stuffy! The fiber to make other Ravelry-ers go oooo and ahhh and burst into flames over my well selected yarn porn.

Now, a "sane" person would have waited, ordered something online, but nooooo I had to have yarn RIGHT THAT VERY SECOND to start this masterpiece!

So I got some sport weight acryllic. I wasn't excited about it, obviously, but I had to knit this thing immediately.

Oh and I needed needles too! The pattern called for size 2's.

BLAST YOU MICHAELS!!!!!! Why, am I tortured such!

Apparently Michael's doesn't carry dpns or circulars below size 3. Bastards! I figured, what difference could one needle size make really????

I raced home and started knitting.

This pattern is so much fun! So much so I finished the first sock in a single weekend. What you can't see in the picture is that the foot of the sock is striped. STRIPED!! How cool is that.

Overall, the socks came out ok, but they are on the large size. I think the size 2's would have done the best job.


themamajama said...

Some people might say a good mommy would not indulge every requet from their children.

Amy said...

And that person would be a FOOL mommy!