Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Good Morning

It’s 8:30 AM and we’re the only ones up! It snowed a little last night so everything looks pretty. They are only just starting to clear the road. It is a holiday week so I don’t know if this is normal. The maintenance men are pushing something that looks like a lawnmower and using brooms – not shovels. I have seen people using snow brooms made out of twigs - hope to get to see one up close.

The sky is only just starting to lighten but my mind thinks it’s only around 6 AM.

Forgot to talk about television here – they have cable with the 4 armed forces channels. There is also BBC World News, Sky News, and a channel in Japanese, one from India, another in German and of course lots of Russian ones. There is a Russian one in English called Russia Today - mostly news. A nice assortment – I’ve even caught some craft shows but I miss my Create.

We’re all supposed to go to Mega Mall today – the one with Starbucks. The girls call it the Barbie Mall. We saw 2 toy stores there so I expect to be hustled. I didn’t know it also has an IKEA! So it is REALLY big! We might have lunch there – it’s going to be a fun day.


Amy said...

Barbie Mall!!! Oh I can't wait to hear what new stuff they got!

themamajama said...

Hard to believe but the girls walked right past the toy store. The video store was the main attraction after the playground. The play area is large and everyone takes off their shoes – including the parents. Everyone stays with their kids so there were minimal confrontations.

We had lunch at Sabarros – same menu and a treat for them. The lines at MacDonald’s were too long. We did pick up some Barbie videos with a Russian track but their player isn’t working, sigh. Luckily they could watch them at a neighbor’s.

We stopped in the food section of Stockmann’s again. It seems like a major portion of this trip is centered on food!