Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lessons I learned on Ravelry

I’m just about to cast on the Secrets of the Stole II when it occurred to me that I should keep track of the stuff I learn from Ravelry.

The first thing I tried was entrelac in the Quant headband. I passed right over it on Knitty, but the Fearless KAL linked some detailed instructions so I gave it a try. It’s really easy if you keep track of the rows. I’m on my third one! I’m thinking about making them for Christmas presents.

Then the Cloth of the Week Yahoo group tries to introduce a new technique each week. I frogged 2 HIP 2 B Square after I saw a video on cable cast on. It wasn’t as difficulty as the written instructions and I finished knitting the cloth in one afternoon!

Now I’m ready for the Secret of the Stole II – a lace KAL. I haven’t made lace in years so I need some help. I watched the video on long tail cast on so my stole will get a good start. The first clue has 54 rows – hope I can use the long weekend so I can keep up.

I “meeting” many wonderful people on Ravelry but I’m also having fun learning ways to improve my knitting – a great deal.

To hopefully be continued....


Anonymous said...

We at RAV love you too!

themamajama said...

Just gleaned more neat ideas in a few minutes reading more Ravelry posts:
Using Glide dental floss for a marker - comes at the right moment. My yarn marker on SOS II is leaving annoying fuzzies.
(I frogged my first 2 attempts at starting SOSII but changing needles seems to help.)
Then there was a link on how to wind a second tatting shuttle with a continuous thread. Luckily I didn't start the tat-along
I plan on starting the tat-along during our local group meet-up tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

my lace work always smells like peppermint... flavored dental floss! Options needles has a little hole it fits right in, makes it easy to use life lines. Needs lots of markers, but you can tat a bundle of those.

themamajama said...

Thanks for the suggestions but the tatting isn't going all that great either today. I'm taking a break.