Sunday, February 10, 2008

OH Challah

OH Challah
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My boss always asks me Monday morning what I did over the weekend. I know when I answer "Well, I made Challah bread" (with the appropriate gutteral sound on the "ch"), he'll look at me funny, and then ask what "challah" is. That's a wee bit "ethnic" for these parts.

Holy cow, This is a tasy bread! I know Glass Needle Arts is more focused on knitting and fiber projects these days, but bread baking is an art too! I love having a Kitchen Aid standing mixer. In 10 minutes, the dough was soft and shiny just like it was supposed to me. I let it rise a bit longer than I should have (I of course, forgot to set a timer) but I think that made it even more tasty. I have to bring it to work tomorrow or I might just end up eating the whole thing!!

Oh I made pita bread too this weekend, but I didn't think to take pictures.

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