Saturday, January 19, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Ravelry is determined to keep me busy. I have kept my needles very busy since we’ve been back.

I’ve been sucked into the dishcloth vortex and now belong to two Yahoo groups. I made the December snowflake from Monthly dishcloth and 2 Hip 2B Square from Cloth of the Week. Of course I HAD to order lots of Peaches and Crème so I’m ready for any possible patterns that may come.

I gave Claire the snowflake one but I think she was expecting something else for her birthday. She wound a center pull ball from the yarn I received in the Holiday Swap using a method she picked up from “The Happy Hooker” but this is an old technique Ron used when computers ran on paper tape. Don’t think there many of us left that programmed computers even before IBM cards! I don’t think I’ll be able to convince him to show off his skills in yarn, though.

I used that yarn to make the wristlets in the accompanying pattern. This soft boucle has changed my mind about my vow never to work with this type of yarn again. I quickly made up the two pieces – simple garter stitch rectangles – but they came out HUGE. I decided wristlets might not look their best if they went over the elbow so I frogged one piece and will be able to get 2 pairs from the same amount of yarn. Yeah! I don’t have to choose which daughter will get them now! The pattern suggests decorating them with buttons so I need to hunt up appropriate ones. (yes, I’m going to use this as an excuse to go to craft stores) My postcard is already in the mail so I made the deadline for the Monthly Swap.

Then I also made a baby hat for the KCL group. Found an old Spinnerin baby book – 1966 copyright. It came out cute but my pompom skills are very rusty. I just tried it on a doll for a picture and it’s HUGE! Sigh – I’m not frogging – I hope they will find an older child who might need a hat. I’ll get this in the mail next week.

I’m glad we have a long weekend – the Secret of the Stole II published the first clue on Friday and I found a tat-along. This is going to be so much fun!

I am determined that stuff I make should fit from now on. I know my mother always said to leave room so they can grow into it, but even the dishcloths are too big. I have only made Ron one sweater in 38 years, and vowed never to try again after all the comments of how his arms don’t really drag on the ground. Unless someone knows a family of cold giants, this will be my year to swatch carefully and frog if necessary so things might actually fit.

Please don’t plague me for pictures. I started to take some but the camera battery died. It will take awhile to charge so you just have to be patient.

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Claire said...

The washcloth is BEAUTIFUL mommy - but too nice to mess up doing dishes!

I have been using it a lot for drying dishes, but I think it has to take a couple of spins in the washer before it gets really good - I had the same problem with the scrubbie-washcloths I use in the shower... took a while before whatever coating stuff they use on the cotton to keep it looking shiny and pretty looking to wear off and become really absorbent. Hopefully I'll be able to laundry tonight - if I'm not too frozen that is - and I'll keep you posted...

Oh, and if you're ordering cotton in bulk let me know! I <3 cotton:)