Monday, January 21, 2008

My So Called Scarf

My So Called Scarf
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I bought three BEAUTIFUL skeins of Manos del Uruguay yarn at Purl Soho and I've just been stumped on what to make with it. I just couldn't find a pattern I liked enough. I really wanted to do mittens. All the patterns I found were just off in some way, either too long and skinny looking or too poofy or too pain. I wanted something magical.

I had seen the "My So Called Scarf" all over Ravelry. I wasn't really impressed with it. But I was just itching to knit something with my pretty yarn. Everyone who has Manos stashed seemed to be making either ugly hats, or the My So Called Scarf. I was bored, with nothing on the needles so I decided to give it a whirl. And wooooweeee, am I glad I did!

The pattern was MADE for this yarn! It sets off the color variations and just makes it sparkle! AND the pattern is super fun to knit. Oh and if you're finding the pattern a little confusing, go to YouTube, there's a tutorial on how to do it. I love this stick! I think I might be using it more often!!!

Now my only problem is... I just want to sit and knit this pretty thing for HOURS... but I must resist, I must savor!

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themamajama said...

Now I really regret not getting some of this yean! Hmmmm... wonder how I can wrangle a trip into Manhattan?