Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I've gone medieval

Spun Apricot
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Don't ask me why I do these things but I have convinced myself that I need to learn how to spin. As in spinning wheel... As in Cinderella pricked her finger on the spindle and then lived happily ever after.

I got some apricot colored roving, and I have to say, its not a bad first attempt. It's very slubby (there are thick poofy bits) but that's not really terrible now is it? I bought 4 ounces of roving and I've spun and plyed half of it. I still have to wash it to set the twist and then I think I'm making socks!


themamajama said...

sigh - Are you purposely trying to insult me? You have the wrong Fairy Princess - Sleeping Beauty was the spinner - Rella has the shoe thing. Lucky your goddaughter can't read yet. She would be so disappointed.
and what's wrong with being Medieval???? I would hope my being stuck in th 14th century would rub off somewhere. And I'm pretty sure spinning has been around way before that.
anywho - nice job for your first twirl

woolies said...

Great Job! I found the link to your blog on martha's vinyard fiber farm's blog.
I have a drop spindle that is sadly neglected lately....

Amy said...

well get out that spindle!!! I've had so much fun with it so far!

Knitting Up North said...

I decided I needed to spin too - haven't quite got round to it yet - good luck!