Sunday, March 2, 2008

Decision Time

Some one finished the first pair in the Sock Pentahlon in 9 hours! I'm chugging away and after 30 hours since it started, I'm on row 9 of the 5th pattern repeat of the first sock. I'm still sticking with my goal of finishing before the next challenge is published.

I'm loving toe-up! It wasn't that hard once I started to concentrate and READ the instructions instead of thinking I knew "better". My sock fits well and is very comfy.

BUT - I'm not sure about my yarn choice. I ordered it from an Etsy shop - Enchanted Knoll Farm - a superwash merino with some nylon in a blue/green colorway they call "Lady of The Lake". I liked it so much the I ordered 2 more colors right away to be ready for the Penthalon.
It is beautiful but next time I will pay more attention to the suggestions. The pattern kind of hides in the color varigation. I'm willing to start over but my stash is bare. It's Sunday and I'm not willing to trade the local Ravelry meet-up for yarn store stop - the choice I probably have from Ron. I could over to the JoAnn's in the same shopping center as the Paneras where we meet - but since the possibility of finding something to compare to this luscious hand dye is nil, I guess my decision has been made.

Speaking of hand dyes - the mailman brought something I forgot I ordered - the sock club from Brooklyn Handspun. It's a bright varigated called Smooch - shades of red and pink. hmmm - not exctly ME. That's OK - it can make friends in the stash while I finish up the 3 other pairs OTN.

So this is probably the time I need to review my priority list. I not only have the Pentahalon and the Brooklyn sock club but I'm waiting for the start of the Tsock Tsarina's group. I also want to join Chamois sweater KAL on Ravelry - and I promised baby stuff in another group along with something for the troops. I won't include the sewing stuf I have lined up (I'll get to your pillows, Claire).Yup, that was the voice of Great Aunt Etta from The Great Beyond reminding me that I have "eyes bigger than your stomach".

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Amy said...

Hey! I'm doing Queen Mermaid from Enchanted Knoll too!

I'm liking the toe up style too. OK, I have to admit, doing the magic loop cast on is the coolest thing ever. I have to sew my knitting. And I'm doing two socks at once. I might never go back to doing the single sock style EVER!