Friday, March 21, 2008

Hemlock Monster

I gave up guilt for Lent and have been trying to get to all those little things that nag me when I'm trying to get to sleep. These things usually are something I volunteered to do - sigh. I came across this cool pattern on Ravelry Hemlock Ring Blanket by Jared Flood. I immediately thought it would be great for my donation to Rotary's Gift of Life Gala.
I picked up some yarn at Knit Work/Weave Works conventiently located right near the doctor so I didn't have to stretch the restrictions I'm under since my hospital stint.
It was fun to knit and went very quickly. I was done in a week! BUT I should haved been leary that the yarn was on deep discount. I foolishly thought "soft spun" on the label meant something different than not twisted tightly. Harrisville Flax & Wool Blend isn't snuggly and it breaks when tugged so I couldn't close up the ladders. When the number of stitches became too much, a second needle was needed to complete the rounds. I couldn't get a good idea on how it was going until I was casting off - too late!

hemlock monster

I know lace doesn't look it's best until it's blocked but this is ridiculous. It does have some potential but I have to be patient about staking it out as my spaced board and steam generator are in the basement and I set of the heart monitor when I try to do the stairs. Luckily, the Gala is in June so I have a little time but I can't clear that self imposed obligation off my list of "things to do" - drat.

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