Monday, March 24, 2008

2008 Sweater KAL

I am making the Must Have Cardigan for a sweater KAL on Ravelry. But as the Yarn Harlot mentioned it on her blog, the pattern was scarce - so I resorted to Ebay for a copy. Our first task in the KAL was to assemble all the supplies:
Sweater KAL Supplies
This isn't complete as I was still stair restricted, so I couldn't include my Space Board and steam generator.
This is proof that I actually followed directions and made a swatch:
Sweater KAL guage
I decided not to keep to the stated guage. The pattern didn't have a large enough size for this fluffy body and I wasn't in the mood to grade it. I did the math and it should fit. I'm prepared to make the decision to frog or gift if it doesn't.
The Yarn Harlot mentioned she mirrored the cables when she made it, but wasn't specific if she did all of them. It was hard to tell by her pictures and the pattern doesn't have a picture of the back so I had to knit a complete pattern to see what would bother me. I decided to only mirror the large diamonds. The other cables are small and far apart and I frankly wasn't in the mood to figure it out. I also didn't want to keep track of more patterns.
I didn't get as much knitting done this weekend as I hoped. Amy was here and I took her on a yarn crawl. It was very hard to control myself with all the luscious stuff I saw, but I took noted for once this sweater is done.
When I could knit, LeeLuu shared her expert advice.
LeeLuu helps
My next goal is to finish the back and compare it to something that is comfortable.

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