Sunday, February 17, 2008

My life, as we know it, may have come to an end

I finally broke down and bought a new printer. My old printer I got for free with another electronics purchase and when "The Ex" moved the computer stuff, I don't know what happened, but it never worked again. The death of a technology toy is always sad. However, this is not a major life tragedy. I can print stuff from work. I have a snazzy color laser printer at my desk. However, there have been times that I've really wanted/needed to print things at home. For example, I did my taxes online and it would have been more convenient to print the second I finished and sign the return. So I filed my taxes and got my modest return and decided a printer would be my one splurge item. Printers are relatively inexpensive these days and are jam packed with goodies. I decided it would be a wise business decision to invest in a multifunction model. This baby prints, prints in color, prints PHOTOS, copies AND scans. That's right folks, I can do it all! Instead of typing in recipes I find in cook books, SCAN HO!!!!!! If I find a scrap of fabric I want to scrapbook, well, I can just copy it! I want to share a crafty image with the Mamajama? Hello printer my friend!

Take today for example. We had a Scrapbook Extravaganza with the ladies from work. Scrapbooking is a new thing for me and I haven't quite decided if its THE thing. There are a few ladies at work who are just mad about it. The do scrapbooking WEEKENDS. We get together now and then and share tools and supplies and basically socialize for a few hours. It is great fun. And since I don't really have a lot of supplies, I get to borrow some cool stuff. I did 4 pages and here you see a corner section of my LeeLuu Page. One draw back is my scrapbook is 12"x12" but the scanner flat bed is 8.5"x11". C'est la vie. I'm sure I could figure out how to cut and paste small images into a bigger one, but I'm not that bored today (but you never know what will happen tomorrow).

Yes, yes, the printer is an exciting new tool. I can print photos, I can scan ideas. It's very exciting. That however, is not the really exciting part.

The ladies put together a raffle for a Circut.

THE THING CUTS PRECISION SHAPES. It is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. One of the Ladies brought it into work for a scrapbook night, and I was over the moon. Not in love enough to race out and buy one. They are pricey suckers. The machine itself is $300+ and the software bits are $80 a pop. GULP. While I could afford it, there are other things I'd like to dedicate my resources to.

By now, Dear Reader, you have probably figured out who won the raffle. This little machine is soooooooo cool. It cuts flowers, it makes perfect letters. It's super exciting. I could see myself sitting entranced by the machine for HOURS. I have it on my coffee table right now. I have a feeling, it will get a work out this week.


themamajama said...

OMG!! we are going to have so much fun!

Claire said...

we must play!!!