Monday, July 7, 2008

LeeLuu's Big Adventure

LeeLuu and I went to visit Nana and Poppy for July 4th. LeeLuu was quite excited about the prospect because, well frankly, Poppy sneaks her unlimited treats and Nana lets her sleep on her head. Really, in the Pugiverse, you can't beat that. She was excited. WAS. Until the seatbelt appeared. You see, after LeeLuu decided that she could drive and shifted the car into neutral one too many time, I decided it was safer all the way around if seatbelts were involved. After all I have to wear a seatbelt. I can't go all loosy and fancy free while operating a motor vehicle. It only makes sense that the pug passangers wear seatbelts too.

LeeLuu did not agree.

She whined and wiggled but finally got buckled in and endured the ride to the Isle of Long.

Then commenced three whole days of puppy bliss. LeeLuu made it very clear to all those present that she does not adhere to Halal customs nor does she keep kosher by eating all the ham she could possibly get. She was rather put off that she did not get any lobster. Finally the dreaded seatbelt made another appearance and it was time to drive home. LeeLuu protested and said she wanted to stay and have more fun (eg. eat more ham) but within moments, it was very clear, she was tired.

She could not even appreciate the truckstop sunset.

Have you ever seen a more tired pug?

Thankfully, I had to work the next day. I assume she had herself a wee (8-hour) nap.

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