Sunday, July 6, 2008

Here we go!

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After a LOOOONG hiatus, I'm finally crocheting again. Got my yarn via the GlassNeedle Post office Delivery system (i.e. it was delivered to Mom's house and dropped off by the Awesome Sister since I can't get packages here :)). It's Incense via and it's a very lovely wool/silk/bamboo blend.

The pattern is the Frou Frou Sweater from Happy Hooker - all done in one piece in a granite stitch - so I should be able to figure it out with out the Mamajama (although I've called her twice already, but that's ok)

I also splurged on Brittany Crochet hooks - Sustainable birch ones. they're lovely to work with so far, but they have a much different grip than the aluminum one's I've used so far, so getting used to them has been interesting.
Now, all we need is the Ms. Kitten to stay out of my yarn - I've already kicked her out of the bedroom twice and pulled a large amount out of her moth...

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Amy said...

Ms. Kitty is quality testing the yarn. She just wants to make sure you're using the best stuff!