Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gymnasts are forces of EVIL

LeeLuu: So Mommy, we're going to the Olympics?

Me: No, LeeLuu. We're doing the Ravelympics?

LeeLuu: Is Poppy coming? Because he has peanut butter and you never give me peanut butter.

Me: I give you peanut butter all the time

LeeLuu: Poppy's tastes better. The Olympics are filled with forces of evil.

Me: No, there are no forces of evil in the Olympics, just gymnasts.

LeeLuu: They Kung fu fight.

Me: Gymnasts are not kung fu fighters. Can I knit please?

LeeLuu: I don't like knitting. You should stop and give me peanut butter. You never give me peanut butter.

Me: Yes LeeLuu.

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