Monday, July 14, 2008

Knitting Madness

Midnight Surf Scarf2
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This was a Knitting-Madness-Weekend.

I finished up the Sock Knitter’s Pentathalon Rattlesnake Creek sock. I’m not in love with it. I made some boo boos on the foot that of course only I’ll ever notice. The cable traveled over 6 stitches and when you do that in fingering weight yarn on tiny needles, it’s tough. So it wasn’t a fun knit per say. But it’s done and I think I’m ranked like number 33 or so. The Mamajama and I have decided that we’re going to knit 12 pairs in 2008. I’ve got 4 done, so I need to play a little catch up. I don’t mind at all, I’ve got some fun things in the queue.

I also finished the Midnight Surf Scarf out of the Inferno roving. I <3 this scarf. Not just because it’s my very own handspun, but the pattern is filled with awesome! It uses wrapped stitches to create a wave like pattern. I’m just so excited to have it done. I did 4 pattern repeats in each on my color sections (each repeat is 12 rows I think). Friday night I got bit by the MUST-FINISH bug. Was just wrapping up the last few rows of the first color section so I knew I had two more colors to go. MUST FINISH MUST FINISH. So I knit like a madwoman and I had finished and was ready to block Sunday. I really have to stop knitting things that are longer than my bed! Very tricky to block when you run out of space.

I had to get these two projects out of the way, because there is much insanity coming down the line.

I started Claire’s Jawbreaker sweater. It’s a great color and super nuzzely. I’m very nervous about it. It’s my first official sweater. I did a test swatch and had to go up in needle sized to get guage. I’ve finished the first ball of yarn so I’m well on my way! I really hope Claire will like it.

I also cast on my Vanilla Pullover, but I’m very concerned that its going to be too big. I might have to go down in needle size. I cast on and have a few rows sitting happily on the needles. But I’m thinking about frogging it and doing another test swatch. I just want to make sure it’s done well.

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