Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Berlins

Finished Berlin 2

I finished yesterday, but didn't get to take a picture till today. Wore them today to show off at my Ravelry group but not many people there due to Mother's Day - so now I have a perfect excuse to wear them again!
There were problems initially with the English translation of the pattern but knitted smoothly once that was corrected. Not a difficult lace pattern but not easy to memorize so lost time reading the pattern for each repeat.
They are pretty but loose and slouchy - would consider using a smaller needle next time - but as I used a #0 for this pair that might be a problem.
Yarn is from Cherry Tree Hill yarn in apricot but it's a little more orange than I expected - should remember not to rely on a computer monitor to pick colors. Nice yarn to knit.

(If we were keeping track - Amy beat me this time but since I finished first on the first sock - we are technically tied)

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Amy said...

Very nice Mom! I see what you mean about bagy ankles.