Thursday, May 1, 2008


I gave in finally and I am now firmly fascinated with the whole spinning thing. I'm going to Rhinebeck Sheep and Fiber Festival in the fall to scope out spinning wheels, that's right, I'll be taking them for a test drive! The Mamajama meets a bunch of Ravelry folks at Panera's to knit away and I was foolish enough to try out spinning on a while one of the lovely (translation - EVIL ENABLERS). Now I must have a wheel! I was going to hold off on buying any more roving for a while and start saving up for Rhinebeck, but then I saw Inferno by Copper Pot Woolies on Etsy and it knocked my socks off! AND it came today (I ordered on Sunday! wooo!). I can't wait to get my fingers in it, but, I'm not really sure what to do with it. It came in three fat strips of three colors each- a deep purple, a burning pink and a glowing yellow. Do I separate out the colors and spin each one separately? Do I just pull chunks off and spin what comes to my finger tips in a color jumble? Do I try and capture the colors evenly, like spin 4 inches of each color and try and line them up when I ply? I'm lost HELP!!!!!!!!

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