Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day 2 in the nest

The weather was wretched today - cold, rainy, blustery. Momma bird was hunkered down over her babies every time I looked. Ron said she did venture out to feed them but the shrub was really moving in the wind so I think she had a hard enough time to just hold on.
Didn't want to stick the camera in her face - Ron said the flash would blind her. You can almost see the nest from the living room window. It is well camoflaged but you might be able to spot Mom's red breast in the green.
nest from window
Sorry for the poor quality - things were whipping around and I have to learn how to take pictures though a window.


themamajama said...

Drat! I don't see her. I'll have to learn a better method to import photos. Sorry

Amy said...

You just need to shrink the photo down a bit. Its too big