Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Monster mania

I have thought more about spinning up the Inferno Monster. Goodness, if I knew there would be this much turmoil and angst in fiber I might never have gotten started spinning (I lie of course, I can always use a good addiction). After doing the Spring Mix roving in a very willy nilly style, I need to think a little more about the finish product not just the finished yarn. The sock I’m knitting up with the Spring Mix yarn is a bit stripy, there’s a chunk of blue right in the middle of the foot. Now, granted this is because the color change started in the heel and was just in full force when I picked up the gusset stitches and started knitting in the round again. But there it is – a blue band plunked right in the middle of the foot. Plop. The color progress in the heel itself is quite lovely however. And yes, you would be correct that I am now going to torture myself and think If I should rip it all out and start again 50 yards or so into the ball so that the blue starts higher. The yarn is very “heathery”. There’s no single section of solid blue as there is at least one single of the light green mixed in the ply. This is not a bad thing. The other stripes are assorted shades of green with a bit of sky blue mixed in.

So I guess I do need to learn about color theory after all.

So Inferno. Ah yes, you keep staring at me from the safety of your plastic baggie. Just you wait till I get my fingers in you my pretty! My original plan was to spin it in such a way that the three ply sections would be just two colors, for example one ply of pink and two plies of the orange. Which looking at the Spring Mix fabric would result in a heathery fabric. Again, nothing wrong with that. But I don’t think it will knit up as I originally envisioned it.

Since Inferno came in three clumps of roving (You know, I really need to start learning some spinning terms because I just feel silly saying “clumps” and “bunches”). I’m thinking now that I should spin those three bunches up in three different methods like a twisty science experiment (Muah ha ha haaaaaa! I would love to be an evil scientist. But then I’d have to get a cat. Evil people don’t have pugs. Its part of the super secret blood oath you sign when a pug is born into your household. I could say more, but then I’d have to have you licked to death by a pack of lonely pugs. It’s not pretty, trust me. Don’t make me go there!) Then, once I have the three different yarns I’ll knit up tiny test swatch and do a final project that will show me exactly how the finished yarns work. I don’t think I’ll have enough yarn to do a shawl, but a scarf would certainly do.

Inferno 1

With the first bunch (I might start tonight! Down girl! You have WeKnit tonight!!!) I’m going to spin the singles in individual colors and then ply the three singles together. I have an idea what the yarn will look like, But I’m not sure what the finished fabric would be.

Inferno 2

With the second bunch, I’m going to do long sections of the three different colors and then Navajo ply them into a single yarn. This will give me a striping effect. Yes yes, I know that I’ve apparently come out anti-stripy. I’m going to play around with the lengths of the roving to see how the striping will work. I’m also going to do some research on how to get colors to fade from one to the other with out the heathering or striping effect.

Inferno 3

The third bunch of roving will go along with my original Inferno Monster plan, of three singles plied together and each single will be made of two colors so that the end yarn will be bands of color but no single solid colors.

Now, if I could only win the lottery so that I can play all day!!!

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