Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Letter to Knit Picks

"Game on! The Ravelympics began on Friday! I'm competing in the Sweater Sprint (OMG a sweater in 17 days? Am I insane? Wait, please don't answer that.) knitting the Plain Vanilla Pullover from More Big Girl Knits (bought on Sale from Knit Picks!) with Swish Worsted (it's so yummy!). I'm knitting like a maniac, then tragedy strikes!

The 32" interchangeable cable for my Options needles breaks - it separates at the metal-meets-purple-plastic joint right when I'm in the middle of the row!!

OH NO!!!!!

Stitches dropping left and right!! KNITTING CARNAGE!

I manage to calm myself and implement a crisis plan to pick up the stitches, wiggle out the needle and swap cables with no damage (and little time lost, I have a schedule to keep if I'm going to finish in 17... no 15 days! YIKES). Thankfully, I have another 32" cable handy in my tote that my mom got when she gave the Options needle set to me (mom's are the best!). Sleeves and Back of the sweater are done! Whew! I might actually make it even though one 32" Options cable gave up it's life in the herculean effort...

I cast on for the front and get two rows done and disaster strikes AGAIN! My remaining 32" cable separates right at the joint just like the first cable!

OH NOOOOOOOO! Oh the Horror! Oh the Humanity!!!!

Thankfully, I have 24" cable that's not occupied with another project. So I was able to recruit the 24" cable into service I feel like Rocky at the top of the stairs!"

The above was part of a letter that I sent to Knit Picks Customer Service. The very next morning, Amber sent me an email letting me know replacements would be on the way!!


teabird said...

They did the same for me. They have very, very good customer service!

Amy said...

I'm very impressed!