Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dying Fun

Dying Fun
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I had some fun with Jacquard Acid Dyes over the weekend. I have a secret project I'm working on (no, this is not the super secret super fun project, its just secret!) and I wanted some colors that pop! So I busted out the dyes. I bought the Jacquard started kit from Knit picks and then a bottle of Chartreuse. I mixed up a dye stock of 1/2 tsp and 1 cup of water for all the colors.

For Rosey (the first one on the left) I did Vermillion, probably about two or three tablespoons of the dye stock into three cups of water on the stove. I put in about a third of the yarn for about 5 minutes, the next third for 5 minutes and the last third until the water was clear. I did that with Pinky (the other pink) and the yellow color) Oh also with the chanteuse.
For the yellow and green skein, I started off with yellow for 5 minutes and then added a few tablespoons of blue. I did the same with the blue and red one. I wanted it to go from red to purple, but it was very interesting. I wanted a progression of red to darker and darker purple, but the yarn sucked all the red out and left me with blue. It was odd.

OH and I have to remember that I added vinegar to the pot, about 4 tablespoons. This dying stuff could become addictive.

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