Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Man, this blog has been neglected for an awfully long time. It's not that there isn't crafty things going on in the land of GlassNeedle, but other things have just gotten in the way. Like a new blog and a new writing group! A bunch of friends have gotten together to inspire creativity in our own lives and we've formed a writing group that meets on Monday nights.

Here's how it works - The leader gives us a writing prompt and a time limit and we write what ever comes to us. It can be about the prompt or not. Once time is up, you're free to share, or not, and free to give feed back, or not. Feedback is along the lines of what works rather than criticism of the piece.

I wrote one piece this week that I'm especially charmed by so here it is!

Prompt - Rewrite a nursery rhyme from a character's point of view.

Yeah, that's right, I'm the baby in the family. The little guy. And yeah, you know it, I make that work for me. With four brothers, I run my game, got 'em right where I want them. Ralphie? He thinks I'm a complete moron. He'd send me to the market with a list of 8 things and I'd come home with Donuts, a pack of gum and a porno. Guess what happened? Yeah, I don't go to the market no more. I did the same thing with the staying home and doing the laundry. Just tossed a good red sock in with all the tightie whities, and boom, I don't gotta styay home and do the laundry no more cause my bro Rick popped a vein in his head at the thought of wearing pink panties. And Robbie, he takes care of the cooking now since I turned the Sunday Roast Beef into charcoal. I don't even gotta be at the table no more since Ronnie thinks I'll get malnourished so he take none of that Roast Beef and saves it for me. So what do I do? I cruise down the strip with my head out the window screaming "WEEEEEEEEEE" at all the pretty ladies walking by. You know what I'm saying?


LICraftgal said...

This is AWESOME!!!!!!!! Love, love, love it!!!

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