Sunday, April 19, 2009

Creatively Frustrated

I have 4 projects going on right now and I feel creatively stuck. It's not that I'm unhappy with the projects and I'm not bored but I don't feel inspired.

Fearful Symmetry
Damn you TsockTsarina! What a delightful and frustrating sock. I love the pattern but it is a touch more intense than I really feel like knitting right now. I was so frustrated trying to get the toe right, and now that I'm done, perhaps I'm spent.

The Clap
Yeah, I know, I'm a sheep and am doing The Clapotis. I adore it. I adore the Wollemeise that I'm working in. But I'm three-quarters done with it and I'm no longer thrilled by the drop stitches. 

Fishes Mittens
Cute! Adorable! But I'm sort of over the excitement of the pattern. Not to mention that I just screwed up an entire pattern repeat and I'm debating if I want to rip it all out or not. Boo.

Mamajama's Pound of Fiber
I have like three feet of the Ashland Bay roving left to spin into single before I can ply. I am so over this fiber right now. A pound is an incredible amount of fiber to spin. 

I need to get my hands messy. I need to finger paint. I need to do something wacky. I need to do something inspiring. I love my projects but they're tedious right now and not fulfilling me. Knock down the walls blocking in (or out depending on your prespective) my creative mojo.


LICraftgal said...

I feel your pain!! I am at that spot myself. Really need to get my mojo back!!!

Amy said...

Oh its so frustrating!

Jackie said...

The fish mittens are ADORABLE! I hope by now that they are out of time out! Cute!

Amy said...

Jackie, I do a row here and there. no serious progress!

oklyous said...

Ah, lovly mittens.. been fighting with the same motive since sometime in the spring... I am about ready to have a go again now, when we hit septemper... and then it will be the 3. time I try! - only this time I plan to suceed!