Friday, February 6, 2009

Sockdown February - Candy Cane Bellatrix

I chose Bellatrix Sock for the February Sockdown for Sock Knitter's Anonymous. The pattern was a quick knit and kind of fun with the drop stitches but I'm not super pleased with the end result. I was spot on with my guage, EXACTLY 8 stitches to the inch measured flat and in the round. The drop stitches makes them a bit loose. Its OK, I can live with it but they're not my favorite. I however love the yarn! Candy Cane from Holiday Yarns! LOVE IT!


gwynivar said...

They look FANTASTIC! Like psychadelic candy-canes, or melted candy-canes!

Laura said...

I love them from the picture but I know the fit matters the most. :) I have been learning to knit via youtube my only real reason for wanting to learn is socks. I want to make lots and lots of socks.

My verification word is slyper it made me laugh after your sock post it is close to slipper.