Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Old Pictures

I found a box of pictures and I thought I'd upload a few.

In 1989 I was a Rotary Exchange Student to Fukushima Japan. I went to Sakura-no-Seibo High School. "Sakura no Seibo" means "Our Lady of the Cherry Blossoms". Yes, I realize it is a tad ironic that I went to one of the few catholic schools in the entire country, but there ya go. This was our school uniform, very prim and proper with stylish beanies.

I commuted about an hour each way to school by train and bicylce. Japan does have some stunning countryside.

As a student, I was in tons of different club activities. I took Shoji (calligraphy), Sado (tea ceremony) and Kado (flower arranging). This was one of my favorite arrangements.


LICraftgal said...

Who would have thought such an innocent looking girl would grow up to be a FIBER NAPPER??!!!

OfTroy said...

I dunno kelly-what kind of fiber LOVER goes home and leaves behind fiber to fend for its self?

Its all to easy to blame others... but...think of all the things that could have happened..
(vacuums! or worse!)