Saturday, September 6, 2008

Steffi Linden - A Sock Retrospective

One of the choices for the October Sock for the Sock Knitters Anomyous Sockdown is a sock by Steffi Linden. When I googled Steffi Linden, I didn't turn up much. With a little google/ravely magic and my mad search skills, I found her ravelry page. The first problem is most of Steffi's stuff is under her proper name - Stephanie van der Linden. And boy, does she have some nice stuff. I'm sticking to socks for this post.

Binsenkorbchen Socks
Binsenkorbchen June 2007 001
These are quite lovley. I love color work and I love geometric shapes. I don't think I'll do these tho since i'm doing Ziggy right now. (photo by punkin541)

Esther Sock
Esther sock #1
Whew this is very airy and dreamy. I love the flower look. (photo by schrodinger212)

Another colorwork wonder! I love the texture and there's something about the stripped sole that I really like. I'm not super keen on the rolled cuff right now tho. (photo by steffilinden)

Glamour Socks
There's a cute touch of bead work at the cuff on this lovely sock. Very pretty, but its not doing it for me right now. (photo by steffilinden)

Grun ist die Hoffnung
WOW! Just wow! I might have to do this one. Look at that construction! You knit the top of the foot first? What? How is that possible!! (photo by steffilinden)

Honeybee Socks
Awwwwww. This are just simply adorable. Very romantic and quaint. (photo by knitchickmelly)

This is nice I guess, but I'm not in love with it. I like my socks to lay smooth. I'd be afraid it would be too puffy on my foot. (photo by steffilinden)

Livia Socks
Click the Twist link for the pic!
Simple, delicate, intricate twisted stitch loops. Simplicity at its best! This is a sock feature in the premier issue of Twist Collective (and the only patter Steffi has you have to pay for).

This sock makes me think of gothic catherdirals with those crazy arches. I love the detail on the instep. I'm thinking of doing Lizzy for the Sockdown. (photo by steffilinden)

How cute! I love the optical illusion-y effect of this sock! (photo by steffilinden)

More stripy colorwork!?!? This lady loves her stripes!! (photo by knitsynthesis)

Tanz in den Mai
OK, I'm sorry, I can appreciate the prettiness but I just don't like the nubby pokey out parts. (photo by steffilinden)


Unknown said...

a lot of the color work is slip stitch patterns..

K1, slip 1 sort of stuff, and while it changed the gauge, (and ease) its much easier to knit than real (ie fair isle, or intarsia) color work.

the Florence sock uses a two color "oak leaf" stitch==a wonderful stitch..

if you like the look of the colorwork, think again about trying one of the patterns!

Amy said...

I'm doing Ziggy right now from Knitty with fire colored hand dyed. Its very fun and lovely! I'll probably try Lizzy, I think it's just charming!

themamajama said...

Did you decide yet?

Anonymous said...

Thank you! :-)

Liebe Grüße aus Frankfurt,

Glass Needle Arts said...


Thanks for commenting! I love the socks!