Monday, June 16, 2008

Mini Sock Sampler

Mini Sock Sampler
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There had been quite the bit of crafting madness going on. One of the things I dislike about knitting (there aren't many things I dis like but bare with me) is left over yarn. I hate having all these tiny unsuable bits rolling around all over the place. So for my left over bits of sock yarn, I've come up with two projects - The Mini Sock Sampler & the Insanity Blanket. The Mamajama bought me a key chain mini sock blocker so I'm going to do a mini sock out of each of the sock yarns that I make and shadow box them. I'm also going to knit squares for a blanket out of the left overs. Yes, I know that is insane. Hence the name "Insanity Blanket". I think it will be a cool family heirloom one day far off into the future that I can recall all the socks that went into Blanket. The Mamajama will also be donating yarn to this project. The blocks are only 31 stitches so the take like no time to knit.. Yes, I realize this is crazy to do a full sized blankie out of sock yarn, but it will get rid of those little bits of yarn!!.

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themamajama said...

I was going to make doll socks from my leftovers but I like your idea better! I got 4 made yesterday so I can now release my remnants to you for the blanket. But this doesn't let you off the hook on thw origami quilt!